PR - Logistics workflow

For Engineering or commercial logistic environment we offer the PR system
a Purchase Requisition automation application, all web based and fast to implement

PR and Engneering

Here is another success story. In a production plant engineers were designing electro boards and substations using a CAD application .The purchase requisition forms were done on paper.
The PR system was able to load the parts from the CAD drawing, accumulate and consolidate the items into an automated Purchase Requisition form that want from the engineer to the purchaser using an automated process. Then it want to the store for inventory check and finally was turned into a PO.

On the way he PR application saved thousands of $$ with the best ROI one can expect.

PR and Commercial

If you spend a lot of time using a configuration application and then sending it for validation, stock check by email, you are not on right track.
Using PR you can shorten the time to quotation in a scale of days compared to using emails!

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