Too much paper work? process automation !

Can you really afford paying for any of the following?
  • Paper
  • Wasted employee time
  • Lost documents
  • Copy machines & toners
  • Suppliers relations efforts
  • rework
    Have a look at what we can do for you with solid workflow application used by hundreds of users.

ITR - Invoice Tracking

Invoice TRacking - here is a story you will find familiar. In the company I worked for there was a need to approve payments. The CFO decided to attache to every incoming invoice a routing form that each and every signer needed ( buyer, project manager , finance etc .) was required to sign manually. As long as there were only 10 invoices per day the process was working more or less, but as soon as the volume want up to 15 ...
Well you can imagine the situation.
By introducing ITR in 2007 to the company, efficiency want up significantly, now it was possible to sign electronically any invoice and know exactly were it is in each stage.

ITR is still used and is one of the most affective process used

ERP interfaces

The ITR system is ERP independent as it uses email for communication.
Existing ERP workflows are so complicated that very few organizations have chosen to use them. You need highly skilled authorization experts for e.g. SAP workflows maintenance. By using a correct process and ITR you can save all that.

Save the trees !

Do you still have paper process in your organization? Let us help you and the trees!
The reason for that lays probably in the past, when process automation was complicated and expensive. Now we have it all in a cloud. It will cost you less then which ROI that meets your expectations, and for 80% of the cases it is a less then a year. at you are actually paying now.

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