GRC - Governance Risk management, and Compliance

Regulation is here and it is here to stay. The costs of not implementing compliance are too high for any public company and we believe that private companies can benefit too See below how compliance can actually help to your business

What is GRC for you?

stands for Governance Risk Management and Compliance. We specialize in bringing a comprehensive methodology for you to support you in the process of fortifying your processes, your logistics accounting and financial systems towards a long lasting solution. The P2P methodology is escorted by a unique workflow application that focuses on IT compliance prevention implementing compliance Preventative Controls.

What do you need for implementing compliance?

Without a suitable concept and controls your organization is exposed to about anything that
the human mind can invent or by error fall into. From error to fraud.
The Unique experienced gathered from working with Siemens enables CIO-1 to offer you a comprehensive concept and solution. Your organization will be coached to implement adequate work processes, controls and tools. In addition we also offer special workflow tools to support a smooth process and help in the change process.
Compliance is a mind set.

ARS - Authorization Request System

A web based workflow that has GRC logic in it, will implement SOX SoD compliance regulations (section 404 of SOX), in your organization by routing the authorization requests to the authorized persons, building a dynamic workflow according to the organization policy and enabling the requestor only to select the right SoD role. E.G if a user applies for authorization as a purchaser, he will not be able to select a conflicting role as for example doing goods receipt. At the end the system administrator gets a role set to paste into the ERP system.
No sophisticated ERP interfaces,no complications!

PRD - PRocess Documentation

A web based electronic document management tool will enable you to pass your audit fast and efficient as you can document all your process and documents with a flexible categorization feature. Then using the build in full text retrieval search engine you can find not only by keywords but also by any word in the process or even in an attachment like PDF, MS Office etc. !
The search engine supports Google like logical search queries like "Invoice approval and SOD" will display a list ( also known as "hit list" ) of all documented process relating to SoD , invoices and approval.

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