TMS - The Travel Management System

The need to control travel expenses is a must. Some organizations tend to allow a flexible expenses policy using just company regulations, relaying that the employee traveling, actually reads the regulations ...
The best thing to do to make the company work by the policy is to use a workflow application that implements the company policy in in the workflow.
TMS does just that!

TMS- Main benefits

TMS will bring order to your travelling process. In a TMS organized company, you can now at any point in time where and when your employees are traveling, impose the company regulations for cost saving ( Hotel / car / Taxi allowance) flight price etc and have an exact knowledge of the costs before they are spent.
Later on by a simple link to the incoming invoices the costs can be compared to the requests and if it all fits, expenses are paid. The concept comes from SAP - If the order is approved there is no need to go throe the process again for the payment approval.

CxO control

CxO's are always too loaded to be able to sign papers, travel authorizations etc. What if the CxO can use an electronic form to do that ? The organization flows with the process, the employee can see at any time the status of his travel request and the CxO gets control on the costs.If scanning is implemented, all the paperwork involved is reduced to 0.
In some cases we can offer a try and buy policy for TMS.

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